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Createx Hub Learning Centres project is going to be executed from March, 2019 with a prime objective of strengthening the basic concepts of children . This objective will be carried out with the help of worksheets. This project will be carried out for children of class 1-5 in core subjects like English, Maths and EVS. Children will solve the worksheets in classroom under the supervision of teacher and similar worksheets will be given to them for homework.

Special Features of this project are:
1. Continuous evaluation of each and every student on regular basis. The concept in which a particular student is weak will be explained by teacher in classroom.
2. Performance of child can be seen by parents on daily basis.
3. 10 students per group.
4. One-to-one interaction between teacher and children on daily basis.
5. Flexible working hours in evening as per children convenience.
6. Abacus and music learning opportunity can also be availed in each learning centre. Separate teachers would be arranged in each centre for that purpose.